Mining metallurgy
The slurry pumps used in mine metallurgy are mainly divided into KSH heavy duty slurry pumps, KSL type light slurry pumps, ZGB high lift slurry pumps, KSS vertical liquid pumps, KSHF foam slurry pumps, KSG (H) gravel pumps, etc. 1. When transporting abrasive slurry, according to the median particle size and volume concentration of slurry, the abrasivity of slurry can be classified according to the following table. KSL slurry pump can be selected for transporting medium and light abrasive slurry; KSH or ZGB slurry pump can be selected for heavy abrasive slurry, and KSH slurry pump can be selected for heavy abrasive slurry; 2, when the slurry contains foam, the KSHF type slurry pump should be selected. The foam content should be considered when calculating the flow rate, and the low rotation speed should be selected as far as possible to ensure good inhalation performance. 3. KSG gravel pump or ksgh high lift gravel pump can be selected when there are large solids in the conveying slurry. The number of blades of the gravel pump is small, the passing capacity is strong, it is not easy to be blocked, and the cavitation performance is good. 【MORE】
Russian Far East iron ore
Flow rate :3000m3/h 1100m3/h 750m3/h
Lift head :70m/57m/10m
Saudi Mining Group
Flow: 3203m3/h&1555m3/h
Lift: 35.55m&34.66m
Phosphogypsum - transfer pump
23-28%% phosphogypsum slurry, dilute sulfuric acid (maximum concentration 1%), fluorosilicic acid (maximum concentration 0.5%), dilute phosphoric acid (maximum concentration 1.1%)
Beneficiation Workshop - mill underflow pump
The solid specific gravity is 3.248, the median particle size is d50170 (UM), the slurry concentration is 40% (CW), and the slurry specific gravity is 1.383

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