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The company has always attached importance to the construction of scientific and technological innovation team and the cultivation of medium and senior innovation talents. In the fields of fluid machinery and engineering machinery, there are 30 people with senior professional titles, 55 people with intermediate professional titles, 30 people with primary professional titles, 56 people engaged in R & D of scientific and technological projects, and strong scientific research strength, which provides sufficient technical guarantee for the continuous innovation and upgrading of the company's leading products, the gradual improvement of production and marketing volume, occupying the forefront of the industry market and further expanding brand awareness. The products of our group company have been rated as the preferred energy-saving products and recommended products by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of construction, the Ministry of machinery industry and the State Bureau of technical supervision.

The company has established an impurity pump Research Institute for the whole industry. The product design and development adopts advanced computer-aided technology to realize the three-dimensional modeling of product parts, assembly interference inspection, stress analysis and CFD simulation analysis of flow field. Xingtang Pump Co., Ltd. of Qiangqiang pump industry group has established a water pump experiment and test center with test accuracy up to international standards, which can fully meet the requirements of the whole performance test and quality inspection of various pump products of our company.


The company owns the current popular CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) fluid analysis software and casting simulation software CAE analysis software. Through the flow analysis inside the centrifugal pump, we can see the internal flow of the centrifugal pump impeller and the spatial distribution of internal pressure and velocity. Relying on the relatively mature CFD technology, the company applies flow analysis as a calculation tool, The internal flow field and external characteristics of the pump are predicted, and then the product development and improvement design are carried out according to the prediction results, which greatly speeds up the progress of product improvement and new product development and saves costs. Wn series dredging pump, TL series desulfurization pump and various excellent hydraulic models suitable for different site conditions have been successfully developed. This indicates that the development and design level of the company has reached a new level.




378 sets of main production equipment and 73 sets of special equipment. CNC gantry milling is adopted for model manufacturing, with high precision and efficiency; The casting and smelting equipment has 5 medium frequency induction furnaces. The direct reading spectrum analyzer is used for the composition inspection in front of the furnace, which can effectively ensure the quality of castings; 6 continuous sand mixers with maximum capacity of 40t / h, 5 cleaning equipment with maximum weight of 300t, 2 automatic sand treatment lines with maximum capacity of 25t / h and 22 heat treatment equipment; There are 100 metal cutting machine tools, 4 large CNC vertical lathes (with milling and drilling functions) with cold machining of 8-12m, and 3 floor boring and milling machines, of which the largest is the spindle diameter of the floor milling and boring machine Φ 200mm, spindle box stroke 3M, column stroke 10m, anti-skid pillow extension length 1.2m, spindle extension length 1.2m, which can process large parts with complex shape and high precision requirements; Using advanced boron nitride cutting tools and reasonable cutting technology, the machining problem of high hardness wear-resistant materials is effectively solved, and the machining efficiency and accuracy of wear-resistant castings are greatly improved. 35 forging and welding equipment and 20 rubber lining equipment; There are 500 sets of advanced test, measurement and analysis instruments and equipment; There are more than 480 computers, and all equipment control is basically digital (numerical control and digital display), which constitutes a complete production process equipment system and has strong production and manufacturing capacity.


The company has an annual casting capacity of million tons and can produce a variety of black and non-ferrous metal materials, such as gray iron, ductile iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, hard nickel, high chromium and other metals; The company has indoor high-pressure test pump station and low-pressure test pump station to ensure 100% qualified performance of products before leaving the factory; There are all kinds of advanced machining CNC equipment, with the ability to test the dynamic balance of large rotating parts, ensuring the accuracy and quality of products.



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