The company has a perfect marketing network system and after-sales service system. In the domestic market, we have eight sales regions: Northwest, northeast, North China, Beijing Tianjin, East China, southwest, South China and Central South, covering most administrative regions of China. China's one belt, one road grandpa's strategy for the international market, to extend and further expand the foreign sales business. The company has specialized foreign trade departments, engaged in foreign trade and import and export business, and has established technical cooperation and business contacts with more than 30 foreign companies. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, contributing to the world made in China.

The company takes "enthusiastic service, rapid response, accurate judgment and honest treatment" as the after-sales service purpose, takes "customer first" as the service principle, takes Shijiazhuang as the center, sets up regional after-sales service centers in six major cities across the country, establishes a perfect service network, responds to the user's requirements within 4 hours, and strives to rush to the site in 24 hours for customers in urgent need of on-site service. The company promises to implement "guaranteed repair, return and replacement" for quality problems.

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Kingda pump group Xingtang Pump Co., Ltd 

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