Municipal Engineering
The municipal engineering pumps of our company mainly include kWp non clogging centrifugal pump and SXK split pump, which are suitable for urban water supply and drainage, urban water supply, sewage treatment engineering, circulating water of power plant, cooling circulating water of chemical plant, water for other industrial and mining enterprises and farmland drainage and irrigation. KWp non clogging pump is a horizontal axial suction pump with single-stage, single suction and single pump shell structure. The main features are strong carrying capacity and no blockage. The impeller can be selected from open, semi open, closed and free flow. The complete varieties and specifications also provide a wide range of flow and head. The appropriate impeller type can be selected according to the user's specific purpose and operating conditions. SXK pump is a single-stage, double suction and horizontal centrifugal pump with horizontal suction and discharge. It is not necessary to move the inlet and outlet pipelines to disassemble and inspect the impeller. The pump has wide performance range, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life.

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